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Jason Corbett grew up in Janesboro, Limerick in Ireland . He was one of eight children to Dad, John and Mother, Rita.  Jason met his first wife Mag's at a young age.  They met through a mutual friend Lynn Shanahan and they fell in love.  They married and had 2 beautiful children . They built their dream home together and were extremely happy . Jason's first wife (and mother to Jack and Sarah), Mag's Corbett, tragically died from an acute asthma attack when Sarah was just 12 weeks old . Her death left Jason alone and a single dad with two young children. 


Jason’s family supported him with the children but there came a time when he wanted to have permanent structure for his two babies, Jack and Sarah. He had to go back to work; he had responsibilities. Jason searched for a nanny online to help with his children after his wife’s death. He linked in with some au pair agencies , he had several au pairs but none that could commit to long term. He wanted stability for his children , so instead he searched for a nanny.


Enter Molly Martens. 


24-year old Molly grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. Prior to moving to Ireland, she lived with and was engaged to a man named Keith Maginn, who, long before the murder, wrote a book about their chaotic life together.  


Molly answered an online ad from Jason for a nanny position and supplied Jason with a host of glowing credentials, which would later be revealed as false. She also did not reveal to Jason that she had just recently left a Georgia mental health facility for treatment of severe bi-polar disease. 

A relationship developed between Jason and Molly.  Molly’s behavioural mood swings continued but she assured Jason that her mood swings would recede if he sold the home he built with Mag's . Molly said "she was struggling in his first wife's shadow." Jason agreed to sell the home . Molly's mood swings continued and she continued to blame her mental distress, not on her bipolar condition, but now on being homesick. Jason then applied for a transfer to a North Carolina plant and bought Molly a beautiful house. He transferred $80000 to Tom Martens account so Molly could buy items for the home . Jason fit right in to his new job and surroundings and enjoyed his American life. His sister Tracey Lynch told the Limerick Leader newspaper in December 2015“His heart never really left Limerick" Jason regularly visited Ireland and ensured that Jack and Sarah stayed close to their late mothers family.  


The couple subsequently married in 2011 in an extravagant wedding, largely paid for by Jason. But within a 2 years of the marriage and move, Molly secretly consulted a lawyer about how to leave Jason and yet keep his children. 

Despite all efforts, the Corbett home life continued to deteriorate. On one issue, Jason would not be moved: he would not allow Molly to legally adopt his children. Finally, in the weeks before his murder, Jason told his family he wanted to leave Molly and return home with Jack and Sarah. 


Two days before he died, Jason was humiliated publicly in a shocking tirade by Molly at a neighbourhood party. Plans accelerated. 


Jason sadly never got the opportunity to return to his loving family.  In a brutal attack by Molly and her Father, Jason was battered to death with such rage and intensity, that his skull was crushed and fell to pieces. Only a full reading of the autopsy can do justice to the heinous fatal bearing Jason endured.  Suffice to say, viewing the autopsy pictures drove one juror to vomit.


Neither Molly nor Tom Martens had even a bruise or scratch in this supposed melee that resulted in Jason’s horrific death. 


If Jason were alive, he could attest to Molly’s facility to lie with skill and ease...which she has herself has now confirmed.   This skill set has already been put before the American public through the media, as she styles herself as a victim of spousal abuse.  Yet under oath, even her Father admitted she had never made one such complaint, in all her married years, to him.


The Supreme Court of NC ruled that statements the children made about such abuse, in the first days after their Father's murder, while in custody day and night , of his killers...must be heard. And so they will be heard. And Jack and Sarah, once again having their happiness and stability disrupted, are eager to speak fully, vividly, and finally...the truth of THEIR life with Molly Martens...just as Keith Maginn did so many years before.


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